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Master Cut - automated cutting system

Masina de croit full automata

Masina de taiat automata

- Compatible with all CAD systems
- Accurate cutting with intelligent knife
- With 2 different models upto 6 and 7,5 cms cutting height
under vacuum
- Authomatic drill for pens
- All parameters can be follawed on screen
- Files can be controlled on screen before cutting
- Possible cutting sequence change for optimization
- Sellecting the pieces which are not to be cut before starting and bypass them during cutting
- Detecting the crossness of the spreaded fabric by laser and cutting it with the same cross angle
- Veriable V and I thinknesses
- When the pieces do not fit the width of the speaded fabrics, operatior may change the scale of the pieces
- Operator may adjust the bite length
- The previously cut files can be saved and recalled with 1 button for cutting again
- If preferred, the knife does not pass through the cutted adjacent linestwice (no overcut)
- Minimum power consumption within same glass machines(15kw)
.Automatic knife sharpening
- With monitoring blade system, follows the abrasion of the blade and stops automatically when finished.
- Max 100m/min cutting speed, avarege 20m/min
- The bends of the pieces can be adjusted in any radius
- By hibernate method, can resume cutting after a stoppage
- The productivity can be maximized by adjust the speeding ramps up/down as per the type of the fabric.

Tecnical Detail

Cutting height

60 mm

75 mm

Cutting speed

100m / dk

100m / dk

Vacum power



Total power



Sound level



Cutting width A

1850 - 2400mm

1850 - 2400mm

PB1-1 End cutter full automat 

PB1-1 Automated end cutter

PB1-1 End cutter full automat
- Fast and no loss cutting with automatic cutting system
- Counting system for every layer that was cut on screen
- Automatic lifting unit at the end of cutting with pneumatic system
- With 25 cm max. Cutting height
SH1-1 Bandzig full automat 

SH1-1 Band knife cutting machine

- Easy cutting with the special production air blowing table
- Easy sharpening with spring sharpener system
- Special lightening for cutting area
- Auromatic or manuel lift for cutting height
- Easy cutting of synthetic fabrics with knife speed control