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Industrial Dryer Machines


Roller irons

Maximum 5 bar operating pressure;

By means of special-designed double walls cylinder structure, optimum operating temperature is achieved easily with maximum 5 bar vapor pressure. As other machines in the enterprise, it can run with Standard 6-bar vapor boiler easily and it does not require stronger boiler. So your investment and operating costs are minimized greatly.

Cylinder structure with increased heat transfer surface;

The area where cylinder contacts with cloth is very important for faster and more efficient ironing. Tolon cylinder irons with 330° contact area contact clothes at maximum level and a perfect ironing result is achieved quickly. Thanks to this feature, you iron one sheet more per 10 sheets.

Running in parallel with folding machine;

Double cylinder irons run with sheet folding machines in big facilities. Tolon irons with 250 mm and more capacities are capable of running with sheet folding machines. By means of adjustable running speed, you can run with any types of sheet folding machines easily.

Functions and Advantages

- Heatproof NOMEX feeder, dryer and ironing belts
Corrosion proof, epoxy dyed main cylinder
Forwards – backwards, one way or two ways working alternatives
Heat control by thermostat in electrically heated models
Speed controlling in steam operated models ( slow – fast )
Finger protect safety feature on all over the cylinder.
Garments input – output pool
All driving and electrical components are in protected cases
Manual speed and temperature control ( PLC control is optional )


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