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Spare Parts for ready-made industry
piese de schimb masini de cusut, cazane cu aburi

Spare Parts for ready-made industry

Natex Int and YukiTex specializes in Steam Furnishing products and their spare parts. Its main products are Steam Irons, Steam Guns, Iron spare parts, Steamer and portable boilers, Oil Burners and spare parts, Safety Valves, Pressure Switches, Pressure Gauges, Solenoid valves, heating elements, boilers heaters, Steam hose pipe, Teflon shoe, Thermostat and all Kind of Spare parts etc. It always regards quality as its life and customers. It develops new products continuously and offers high-class quality in order to serve users with all its heart. Home and overseas friends are welcome to instruction and cooperation for making progress together.
MS4929 MS 4929 SP PU 2004 SY C24F SY AD 01
SY AYT 00 SY EH 611010 SY EUR 600 SY EUR 800 SY EV 38
SY HN 14180 SY KL 31 SY KR 1000 SY GPRS 18 SY EVG 38
SY MS 4929 SY MSP 125 SY NC 201 SY MS 2481 SY KV 12
SY SH 611025 SY SPK 266 SY SPT 201 SY PKZ 2000 SY PHK 406
SY VU 18 TS 6000 BH TS CHK 813 SY VMT 18 SY VBC 26
TS KR 10 TS KR 40 TS KR 60 SY KR 2000 SY PC 200
TS PLK 800 TS PSKR 1 TS PSV 01 SY STX 2481 TS CKR 6000
TS SL 28 TY 6000-C TY 7000 CON TS G 50300 TS CKR 222
TY 7000-G TY C42 COB TY ITPRS 25 TY PAK 01 TY LMT 175
TY THK 10 TY YA 01 TY KLG 42