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Steam boiler with solid fuel (Ecological)

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Three-Pass Steam Boiler with Solid Fuel (TPSK)

Boilers which has high efficiency full cylinder with flame smoke pipes. These type boilers are preferential industry because of operating and services ease.
Project and production : Acceptable design by TRD, EN, TSE over 30 years production experience.
More fuel flexibility : Easily burn domestic and imported lignite.
Large Water and Steam Volume : Ready for peak steam draws - suitable for fluctuating steam demands.
Large Heating Surface : Drier steam, higher heat absorption.Wet - Back Design :Maximum benefit from heating surface.Low Counter-Pressure :Less burner power consumption.
Pressed pipes with makineto : Safety work and easy pipe change Design with Minimum Refractory : Low thermal inertia reduced service cost and better heat transfer.
Optimum Combustion Chamber Sizes : Well - distributed thermal loading, more effective use of radiation heat transfer surfaces. Automatic control : Automatic coal burning with stoker
3-Pass : Maximum heat transfer and high efficiency.
Wide Capacity Range :1 ton/h – 25 ton/h
TPSK is a solid fuel boiler. It can burn petroleum or natural gas with modification.