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matlasat dh 3330


Our company has now realized the production of the Double Head Quilting Machine for continuous quilt manufacture with Double Head that it has formed after the multiple needle Quilting Machines that it has designed.
You may be sure that you will earn real earnings with the incomparable Double Head Quilting Machine that has been directed towards future, in case your purpose is to produce Quilts and quilted materials.
The Double Head Quilting Machine offers you to the highest place in your market with its high performance.
The Double Head Quilting Machine creates incomparable market possibilities. The Double Head Quilting Machine forms a ground for you to produce Quilts and quilted materials in case you would make use of your ability, market, energy and time at the highest possible rate.  

The Technical Properties of our Machines : 
The Working Range of our Machine :
- Maximum fabrics Width : 3 300 mm
- Maximum Working Width : 3 000 mm
- The Stitch Dimensions may be adjusted between 2 mm – 5 mm.
- The 120 – 130 – 140 No. Needles may be used in our Machine.
- The property of remembering the pattern and the location even in Electricity cut outs
- The property of being able to repair the pattern in string breaks in a recyclable manner.
- The property of being able to calculate the length of the pattern that has been selected from the screen in accordance with the speed and the stitch gap.
- Adjustable Working Speed (0 – 3 000 rpm)
- 15 inches High Resolution LCD and Touch Screen Color Monitor
- Infinite Pattern Options
- Operation menus in Turkish and English language options for easy operation - - Optional Partial fabrics connection apparatus (pulley)
- Cutting Machine that operates in synchronous manner with the Machine and that can affect length cutting.
- German made ‘’ Festo ’’ products are used in the whole of the Pneumatic Systems.
- Our Servo Motors are of Japanese made ‘’Omron’’ brand and 9 each of such Servo Motors are being used.
- Japanese made Precision speed reducers are being used together with Our Servo Motors.
- Our Electric Switching Materials are being selected with great care among superior brands like ‘’ Telemecanique, Weidmüller, Siemens, Omron “.
- Imported Aluminum Materials are being used in the Main Chassis and in the Connection Apparatuses.
- Our Machine has Double Heads and the ‘’ dürkoppadler ’’ Sewing Heads are being used. The property of being able to use a Single Head by pulling away one of the heads to the parking area provides greater pattern options.
- 2 years of guarantee
matlasat QM 3030


AN&KA 3030 is an easily controlled Quilting Machine through a computer with its infinite pattern options and with its operation without any problem.
Even the complex patterns can be sewn with the AN&KA 3030 Electronic Quilting Machine like a brodiery machine with its capability of moving 360 degrees within an area of 320 x 320 mm and affecting jumps. Along with this, the AN&KA 3030 Electronic Quilting Machine can sew all kinds of thin and thick materials without error.
The total sewing made at the same time in the thick material quilting : 600 g felt + 200 g fiber +2 cm foam + stiffening fabric + fabrics
The No. 11 Shuttle is being used in the AN&KA 3030 Electronic Quilting Machine. The sewing quality in this technology is high. The product is more robust and aesthetical. A better appearance is obtained by using thin needle and thus also the problems that may arise in weaker fabrics are hindered.

Property Table
Maximum Fabrics Width               2600 mm
Maximum Working Width 2550 mm
Table Movement 320 mm
Maximum Sewing Speed 650 ilmik/dk
Production Speed 50 - 100 m/saat
Needle Gap 25 mm
No. of Pistons16
Bar Gap in Machine with 3 Bars75+50 mm
Maximum No. Of NeedlesHer Bar İçin 102
Stitch Length2.0 - 5.5 mm
Power Need380V, 3-faz, 50-60 Hz, 7.7kWGuarantee Period2 Yıl


Technical Properties
Type      Quilting Machine
No. of Needles 1
No. of Heads 1
OperationComputer Operated / CNC
Weight 1500 kg
Working Table (Pulley) Dimension 2,5 mx 2,88 m
Working Area  1,93m x 2,44m
Machine Dimensions 5,8 m x 6 m x 1,64 m
Rotational Speed 500 d/dk - 1250 d/dk
PowerAC 380 V, 50 Hz, 0,55 Kw, 1500 d/dk
Weight1500 Kg
Movement in the X – Axis1,8 m
Movement in the Y - Axis             2,3 mStitch Gap           2-6 mm

Properties / Characteristics
·         Industrial Control Systems are used in providing the safe operation of the Machine. The movement is provided to the X – Axis and the Y – Axis through the Servo Motor Drivers.
·          The latest models of Axis control kards with Industrial Controls are used in our Machines.
·          The patterns and other files are loaded with an USB disk.
·         The use of the USB Disk facilitates the copying ability. Other disks may not operate in the computer at all times.
·         The pattern program is suitable for the copying and erasing the pattern files.
·         The seeing of the preliminary views of the patterns, rotating or moving functions are present.
·         The machine has the reading capability of the changes that are to be made in the patterns.
·         The starting / zero point may be returned in automatic or in manual manner.
·         The unnecessary stops of the Machine is rather low.
·         Power Consumption is less than 2,2kW.
·         Makinetekkafalı, tekiğneli, büyükçağanozludur
·         Electronic Switching Materials : Telemecanique (France), Weidmüller (Germany), Omron (Japan)
·         Servo motors : Yaskawa (Japan)
·         Pneumatic Systems : Festo (German)
·         Automatic Scaling of the Dimensions of the Patterns
·         Infinite Pattern Capability and perfect precision in the Patterns
·         The property of sewing with jumps – The machine can sew all kinds of figures in circular, linear manners and with corners.
·         Sew locking before and after Jumping 
·         Automatic stopping at the breakage of the upper and the lower strings.
·         The property of remembering the location where the pattern takes place in Electricity  cut outs
·         Automatic Preparation Table
·         2 years of guarantee