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Masini speciale pentru camasi 

Masini speciale pentru camasi 302 OM 

Ghilotina pentru taiat captuseala 

- OM - 16-1301 - 20-1302 - Linimg Cutting Guillotines
Masina folosita pentru fixare si model de tăiere în sectorul de confecţii şi încălţăminte. Avem modele care aplică intre 16 tone şi 20 tone de putere de presiune pe bucata ..
presa dubla format guler 

 Presa dubla pentru format guler

-It provides a smooth shape on the shirt and blouse collars by changing mould due to the models using pneumatic pressing. It has an adjustable pressing time and collar thickness set. It also has the capability of sensible heat adjustment owing to electronic heat control system. Double or single press is available. Due to its holders it prevents the collars from skipping. It is handy with the easy mould changing characteristics. Are year free service possibility.
Presa apartura

Presa calcat apartura

- Apartura has a capability of double ironing on left and right sides at the sam time. It makes a standart folding in a smooth and faultless way. It keeps the sever out of loosing time by marking the sewings line in the triangle. Owing to it's back collector it doesn't scatter the row of the fabric. By the laser ray the line can be ironed perfectly. Daily capability is 2000 pieces in 8 hour
Presa automata pentru piept camasi

Presa automata pentru piept camasi

- Front pat ironing machine is completely automatic one which works with PIC system. It makes the chest parts of shirts to be ironed in desire size smoothly and practically. Due to programming options folding chest parts twice or three times is possible. With the laser ray making lines on fabric is easy. By the usage of folding. Vacuum the fabric can be foldend without any stres. The collecting system organizes the row of the fabric and saves time.
Presa pentru calcat buzunar 

Presa pentru calcat buzunar

- Pocket ironing machine is used to iron the pockets of shirts, t-shirts and pants. By the usage of laser pointer it makes the smooth ironing of packet lines possible, it is also possible to iron pocket models in different sizes by using mould components. It assasts to a standart and easy ironing of pockets. Because of working with steam it makes the fabric to get shape and be ironed easly. The capacity per hour is 250 pieces for OM-901 and 450 pieces for OM-902. 
Presa transfer termic 

Presa transfer termic

- It is used in all transfer printings and printed printings. It has been produced hollow at the bottom of the tables for fitting especially the products on to the printing table after sewing.
The printing press operates by pneumatic system.
The top heating table has been embedded with linear bearings and is situated on top of a body that can be easily moved to right and left. There is also a control panel on this body.
Heat, time and pressure adjustments can be made on this control.
Three point marking machine 

Three point marking machine

Three point marking machine obtains the smooth and standart marking on shirt, t-shirt, on blouse collars. It is a practical and handy machine.