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Fusing machine,seamless belt, electric temperature controller, new rotating stripping mechanism

MAX 'F' type fusing machine is applicable in private, middle and small garment manufactrers. This machine is not only fusing press the material strongly but also use for trimming, drying and ironing. It is an ideal choice for fusing clothing industry.

1. Use seamless belt and with joint belt.
2. Even temperature in heated area, has upper and lower temperature controller, the temperature could be adjusted from 0~220oC. It could press liner both in single face or double face.
3. Electric temperature controller and direct sensor could control tiny difference in temperature.
4. Stop automatically when adjusting the temperature, and a hand instruction for power cut.
5. Adopting the new rotating stripping mechanism, which with the removal lever to assure the paste things could fall off smoothly..
presa termocolat 60 75 100 120 150 160
Presa de termocolat 

OZER TYK - 60 75 100 120 150 160 - Tela Fastening And Transfer Press Machine

It is used on tela fastening, ironing and transfer pressing in textile sector. These presses are ideal maching for jacket, shirt and t-shirt tela fastening mosth. We have models 60, 75, 100, 120, 150, and 160 cm band wide. Tela sticking machines, band controlling systems and pressure adjuster work prevmatically. It can generate 6 kg. force per cm. with the usage of pneumatic pressure and makes perfect results on tela sticking.
Tela presses are formed of two heating groups as upper and low rezistance group. The heat level can be remained by PIC control system. It has a sensible heat control system.
Beside the machine can clean the band and collect the telas with turning skinners.
Coder band supplies a quick cooling an fastened telas 
Mini Presa de termocolat TYK-M-20  40  60 

OZER TYK - M-20 40 60 - Mini Tela Fastening Press

It is used in ready- made clothing sector for fusing pres and ironing. It is applied mostly in the fields of trousers, shirts and t-shirts fusing press. Its band control and pressure system is pneumatic.
The automatic band control system in the press prevents the slipping of the band. With the same system, band tension is eliminated thus making the band long lasting.
The width of the band differs according to the models, as 20 cm., 40 cm. or 60 cm.
The mini fusing presses consist of two heating groups, that is bottom and top rezistance groups. By the electronic thermostat heat can be maintained at desire level. By means of the revolving scrapers in the press, the band can be cleaned and the gathering of fusing can be achieved.