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EAE E-Line Busbar systems

EAE E-Line Busbar energy distribution systems respond to all kinds of power requirements with their modular configuration during both installation and operation in modern enterprises and buildings. Layout alterations, machinery additions, energy provision at various points can be provided without failure in operational parts of the installation. .The energy distributed via isolated bars within a sheet metal enclosure can be safely provided by special outlets units at desired pointswithour energy cut-down. E-Line Busbars with international test certificates have the following features: expandibility on request, replacement, mobility and re-use. Provision of energy from standart outlets along busbar route via tapping boxes is very easy, economical and safe.

Advantages of E-line KB Compact Busbar:

High short circuit resistance due to compact construction  Lower voltage drop when compared to cable systemsHigher mechanical resistance and less electromagnetic pollution with the galvanized sheet metal enclosure Better cooling capability.

Technical Specifications:

- Current rating for KBA Aluminium conductor series: 800A / 1000A / 1250A / 1600A / 2000A / 2500A / 3050A / 3100A / 4000A / 4250A
- Current raiting for KBC II Copper conductor series: 1000A / 1250A / 1600A / 2000A / 2250A / 2500A / 3000A / 3600A / 4250 / 4400A / 5300A / 6300A
- IIP55 protection class
- Al or Cu conductors are fully tin plated
- 4,  4,5 or 5 conductors
- Clean Earth option
- Galvanized metal sheet body
Note: KBC II series painted with RAL 7038 as standard

Different types for purpose of use:

- Plug-in type (2 plug-in outlets as standard on both sides of the 3m enclosure)
- Bolt-on type (outlets only at joint)
- Feeder type (only for transmission purposes, no outlets)

Tapping Boxes:

- Plug-in or bolt-on type tapping boxes of 160A, 250A, 400A and 630A (With standard SYK switch fuse or MCCB) (empty or circuit breaker included)
- Bolt-on type tapping boxes of 800A and 1000A (with MCCB) (empty or circuit breaker included).


Production areas and main energy centres or factories
- Automotive facilities
- Automotive sub-industry
- High-rise buildings
- Hotels
- Hospitals
- Business centres
- Large shopping malls
- Iron and steel facilities
- Dockyards
- Energy plants
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