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Systems for lighting - LED

Today is an exciting time for those working closely with LED lighting systems, which allow completely new uses of light.
Far surpassing the simple enclosure of LEDs on a circuit board, Philips excels in all the critical areas that are vital to high-performing LED lighting systems - from thermal management, binning and optics to high-efficiency LED drivers and advanced power components. We have also developed important proprietary technologies to reduce the cost and complexity of LED lighting control, operation and installation - in turn accelerating market adoption.
Though it's been shown to affect the way people live, work, and feel, light has long been considered an afterthought. Advancing LED lighting technology to create experiences, inspire new applications, and even mitigate strain on our world's resources.

 What are the advantages of LED lights?

- LED lights have a variety of advantages over other light sources:
- High-levels of brightness and intensity
- High-efficiency
- Low-voltage and current requirements
- Low radiated heat
- High reliability (resistant to shock and vibration)
- No UV Rays
- Long source life
- Can be easily controlled and programmed
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